This will be the largest, most sacred container and community for seekers, learners and lightworkers in the world.  

As a student of Lightworker Academy, you get inside access to Amber's personal team of trusted and powerful healers, spiritual mentors, shamans, mediums, card readers, Qigong masters, teachers and advisors.

This is your one-stop-shop for all things WuWu, your tribe and community as you journey through your ascension process and spiritual awakening, the Netflix for all lightworkers, where all are welcome and no one is left behind!

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Lightworker Academy Yearly: $222.00
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Dynamically Updated
  • A Monthly Coaching Call & Q&A Session with Amber valued at $888 (plus surprise special guests!)
  • ​Each month you will learn a new WuWu practice or tool related to the monthly theme. We will also provide education on an oil of the month and a crystal of the month to support you in implemeting these new practices. Practices will include chants, mantras, sound healing, personalized meditations, shielding, grounding, breath work, movement practices, and so much more. These ancient practices will support with your spiritual awakening, rebirth, clarity, letting go, grounding, protection, breakdowns, navigating through ascension symptoms and manifesting abundance. 
  • A card reading of the month with Amber or surprise guest experts
  • A monthly moon ritual whether full moon or new moon, with a new ritual every month
  • SURPRISE GUESTS! Learn from Amber's mentors, teachers and spiritual advisors. Get access to her trusted team to guide you through your spiritual awakening!
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Lightworker Academy!
If you have the opportunity to work with Amber, please do yourself a favor and get in with her as soon as possible. She’s an extraordinary person who is constantly finding new ways to show up for people, to stand for people, and she’s one of those people who puts herself in the work. 
Alexi Panos