You're Not "Crazy" You're Ascending

If you are experiencing ascension symptoms such as or a combination of:
  • Fatigue, migraines, headaches, vertigo, dizziness, insomnia, loss of appetite, rash, heart palpitations
  • ​feeling energetically zapped, crazy dreams, ringing in the ears, leaky ears, desire to hide out from the world
  • ​feeling like a stranger in your life, friendships, relationships or career 
  • ​no longer feeling inspired by your current circumstances and desire to serve the planet... 
you are not “crazy” - you are ascending.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel confident in knowing what the ascension really is all about & get support so you can stop feeling crazy? 

During our ascension masterclass, watch me and guest experts for a two hour session to: 

  • Learn what the ascension, a "light body," and ascending truly is
  • ​Learn and identify ascension symptoms
  • Learn tangible tools, immunity hacks & spiritual practices to navigate through it all feeling prepared & empowered
  • Receive education on how to protect yourself from EMF and 5G radiation
  • Learn about the best supplements to take, what foods to choose and avoid, and what to put in your body so you thrive during this time
  • ​Receive guidance and wisdom to empower your physical, mental, energetic, spiritual, & emotional bodies as you ascend into a new dimension and New Earth!
  • Connect with newly awakening & veteran Lightworkers worldwide who are riding the ascension waves alongside you

No matter what stage of your ascension journey you are on, trust that the tools you will receive here is exactly what your soul needs. 

Guest Experts:

David Beaudry is a trainer and coach for integrating movement mastery and spiritual evolution. With a degree in psychology, a masters in Medical Qigong and 12 years as an NSCA – Certified Personal Trainer he teaches healers, coaches and world class athletes how to harness the power of their body and soul for healing trauma and awakening their unique gifts. 

He is the Founder of the Noble Movement Academy, offering 200hr. certifications in the Art and Science of Chinese Energetic Medicine.

One of his biggest passions is empowering leaders and youth with the skills to lead a life of meaning, passion and purpose. He has reached more than 16,000 students in 120 countries. 
Get access to the masterclass now! 
An $888 value for only $22.22
Check out what participants are saying: 

"WOW! These two souls BLEW MY MIND today! Thank you. SO grateful for this experience!"

"Thank you and Josh so much - everything was a take away, I took 5 pages of notes! Already looking up the water filtration! Just so affirming of the recalibrating I’m experiencing! It was so amazing! Over all deeper and clearer understanding and deeper appreciation for this time and the work we are doing on this planet! Love who you are and work you're doing!"

"Ascension masterclass just blew my mind!!! Thank you so much @iamambervaldez and @detoxdudes for sharing so much gold with us!! you guys rock!"
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